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Search for products and services, exchange knowledge and meet scientific experts and innovative entrepreneurs who will boost the development of the microalgae sector within the Atlantic Area.

If you want to become a member of EnhanceMicroAlgae Marketplace for free, sign up and publish your offer/request in the field of microalgae. If you are looking for something specific that you cannot find, sign up and publish your request. To keep up to date with the offers and demands that are being updated please subscribe.

This open access marketplace was launched in 2019 to offer the easiest way to exchange ideas, knowledge, and offers and requests on services, products and jobs in the microalgae field. This platform aims to connect scientific research and innovation with industry (nutrition, pharmaceutics, chemistry, aquaculture and others) and market; a place where you can connect and share your interests with top exponents of the sector of microalgae production and valorisation.

EnhanceMicroAlgae Marketplace is part of the EnhanceMicroAlgae project (EAPA_338/2016), funded by the INTERREG Atlantic Area programme. More information at and Join EnhanceMicroAlgae Marketplace and find your partners in the microalgae sector.

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